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 I will come to you and use an HHO generator which breaks water into hydrogen and oxygen gas. The gases will enter the intake and with a hot engine the hydrogen will react with the carbon and the carbon will break off the engine and into small particles. The exhaust pressure will push the particles out. This unit will clean the whole engine from intake to catalytic converter or DPF for diesels. The engine must be hot before I start so the customer must runs the engine before I arrive and within 8 hours of the service the engine must be run at higher RPMs for 30 minutes to push out any remaining particles so they do not reattach to the engine. The HHO generator is powered from the vehicles battery in 12 volt system but I have an extra battery to power the unit for 24 volt vehicles.

Competitive Pricing


We offer discounts for military, veterans, first responders, students, fleets and senior citizens. 

Emissions Checking


We will use a code reader to check your vehicle and give you assurance that you are ready for the state emission test on cars 1996 and newer.